Belle PCLX Petrol Plate Compactors

Belle PCLX Petrol Plate Compactors
A midweight professional compactionplate with low Hand Arm Vibration and high performance compaction. The PCLX is designed for contracting and rental use.
Low Hand-Arm Vibration design for longer safe usage times.
Tubular frame designed to protect vulnerable components.
Patented baseplate design for optimised speed and manoeuvrability.
Lightweight yet durable for easy transport.
Removable 12 litre water tank features a quick- release design.
Fitted with manual handling points.
Oil Sealed lubricated Bearings for extended service life.
High power 13kN vibration force.
Engineered to be robust and durable for rental and heavy contractor usage.
Easy to operate and control, the baseplate doesnot dig in when dragged backwards or turned.

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