Self drive or operated road sweeper hire?

posted in Road Sweepers on 21 August 2018

Self drive or operated road sweeper hire?

When needing a road sweeper to keep your site clean there are 2 options available to you and they are either to have an operated road sweeper or a self drive road sweeper.

These are the differences

An operated road sweeper is where you pay for a road sweeper to come and visit your site. The operator of this road sweeper will be a certificated trained operator. You will need to give instructions to the driver about where you want them to sweep, jet wash and tip the waste. When this is done you can forget about the sweeping process and carry on with your job and just sign the drivers paperwork when the job is finished. This may be for an hours visit or for full day long shifts. This way you also have no requirement to fuel, clean, maintain, or operate any equipment.

For a self drive road sweeper you will make a booking for a sweeper with us and we will deliver it to your site. Upon delivery our driver will if needed run through the operation of the sweeper so your operator is competent in how to use and keep clean the equipment whilst on hire. With the self drive option you have the road sweeper available to use 7 days a week so it is ideal for the large construction site or when sweeping times can be at random times. With the self drive option you are responsible for fuelling the machine, daily checks and cleaning the machine.

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